How To Protect Your Investments in Hazardous Times and Markets
Oct 20, 2022
Scott Burns
How To Protect Your Investments in Hazardous Times and Markets

Scott Burns is the creator of Couch Potato investing and a personal finance columnist with decades of experience. As a syndicated newspaper columnist and author he has covered personal finance, investments and economics for over 40 years. He is best known for creating the “Couch Potato Portfolio” investment strategy, which advocates the use of index funds over managed funds or stock picking.[1] In 2006, he retired from the Dallas Morning News to co-found the Web startup AssetBuilder. The registered investment advisor firm now has over 1,200 clients in 43 states and manages $800 million in assets. He retired from the firm and syndication in early 2017. After a year of retirement, he created this website, his latest effort to bring financial confidence and success to as many people as possible.If you can fog a mirror and divide by the number “2” —or make a margarita—he’ll show you how to get better investment results— and a better retirement— with very little effort.

Scott and his wife Carolyn have lived in Texas Hill Country since 2009, first in Dripping Springs and, now, Johnson City.  Their actual location is closer to Pedernales Falls Stage Park than anything as urban as Johnson City…  They are delighted to have a son and daughter living within 1000 feet on wildlife preserve land. Another son and daughter-in-law, with three more grandchildren, live in Dallas.

In addition to sailing and almost anything to do with salt water, Scott is a member of the Philosophical Society of Texas. He is also a board member of Homeward Bound, Inc., the largest provider of detox and recovery services for the indigent in north Texas.