Our Rotarian of the month for February 2024 is Bob Royal.  Bob has been a member of our club since October 2001 – that is 23 years! Bob has served in many capacities in the club including president, golf tournament chair, director.  In fact, the success of our golf tournament can be attributed to Bob and his detail crafting and planning. Bob’s sponsor into Rotary was Col Pat Speir’s, who was a true treasure to the club.  You did good Col Pat.

When the district used to host Bi-District events with Mexico, Bob went on a tour in Matamoros to see the international projects we had done with Rotary clubs there, and being with the Matamoros Rotarians, and seeing the computer labs, school projects, food trucks truly helped solidify Rotary in his heart.  Along with that experience, he fondly remembers a vocational scholarship presentation.  Being with the scholars and them speaking about how much the scholarship meant to them, and looking across the room to Jack Gilchrist and seeing how much it meant to him that will always be a fond memory of Rotary and what it means to him.