Expectations of Membership 
  1. A $50 initiation fee after the proposal review and approval by the club.
  2. Attend in person and zoom club meetings, socials or service projects.
  3. Participate in annual fundraisers. Currently it's a golf tournament: bring in golfers, sponsors, or a personal financial donation. Be present to help on the day of the tournament. (usually April)
  4. Participate in club service projects.
  5. Attend the end of year celebration and new officer installation dinner. (usually a Saturday night in June)
  6. Pay dues in a timely fashion. Club dues are $240 per year, payable either in one payment the end of June or two $120 payments due June and January. New members’ dues are pro-rated based on the time of the year they join.
  7. Serve on a committee of new member’s choice (committees are Administration, Service, Public Relations, Membership, and Foundation).
  8. $100 annual commitment to the Rotary Foundation is encouraged.