Libraries of Love
Nov 11, 2021
Trudy Marshall
Libraries of Love

Trudy Marshall had traveled to 32 countries before landing in Uganda to see the sights in 2001.  After visiting schools that had no books, the idea of providing libraries was born.  In 2005, the first library became a reality.  Libraries of Love now has 47 beautiful, organized libraries in Uganda and 7 in Kenya.

Trudy Marshall has been a school librarian in Round Rock Independant School District, taught in the Pflugerville ISD for 18 years in elementary and middle school, and taught high school in Lithuania.  She served as chairman of the board at Pflugerville Community Library when it was being built. She has also been the Sunday morning pianist for Heatherwilde Assistant Living for 17 years.  It is very obvious she has a heart for caring for others.

Trudy is a member of the Rotary Club of Pflugerville. She holds degrees in Education from OU and UT.